About Langedijk Lelies B.V.

Rich tradition
Langedijk Lelies is a powerful family business with a long and rich tradition that goes back more than sixty years. Originally, the company focussed on the cultivation of tulip bulbs. Later, we included tilles and since 2001 , the company focuses exclusively on growing lily bulbs.

Beautiful products.
Langedijk Lelies grows several lily species of different lily varieties. This allows us to offer a complete assortment throughout the year and to supply every market at all times.

Ready for the future.
With 135 acres, spread over several locations in the Netherlands and southern France, Langedijk Lelies produces 40 to 50 rnillion bulbs a year. Thanks to continuous investments and innovation, the company has acquired the technology and the capacity to package and store the bulbs inhouse. As aresuit, you can count on Langedijk Lelies for the best lily bulbs throughout the year.

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